Buoy 10 Salmon

Buoy 10 Salmon fishing guides are able to bring you Salmon and Steelhead and Sturgeon limits from this Columbia River fishing hotspot. The action is non-stop for Salmon, Coho, and Silver Salmon and Chinook Salmon throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest but the absolute best fishing is at Buoy10 and during the best times local fishing guides can get limits in just a few hours.
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Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing

     Buoy 10 is a channel marker at the Columbia River mouth, but among anglers it also refers to the larger recreational fishing area from the buoy upstream to a finger of land called Tongue Point on the Oregon side of the river upriver from Astoria. (On the Washington shore, Rocky Point is the upper deadline for this management area.) The most famous fishery here is the fall salmon season, which generally opens in the Buoy 10 area on Aug. 1. The fall Chinook season usually peaks in the last two weeks of August. Hatchery Coho salmon can be very abundant some years, and fishing for them is usually good in late August and the first half of September. Both species usually appear first from buoys 10 to 14 but also are caught farther upriver to above the Astoria-Megler Bridge.

     Most anglers troll herring or lures such as spinners and plugs. Watch for in-season regulation changes, as small or large runs can spur changes to seasons or harvest limits (up or down) on the Columbia system. Spring chinook and steelhead pass through the estuary but are more commonly caught upriver. The estuary also is one of the best places on the Columbia to catch keeper-sized sturgeon, which are regulated on a quota system. At this time, the quotas are on a downward trend as sturgeon numbers decline. Spring and summer are typically the best times to catch sturgeon in the estuary. Greenling, rockfish, lingcod and perch are caught from the jetties, and flounder are common. Crabbing can be very good. The beaches just south of the river down to Seaside have Oregonís best razor clamming. Charter and private boats based in Astoria, Warrenton and Hammond on the Oregon side and the ports of Ilwaco and Chinook in Washington fish in the estuary and also head across the bar to fish for salmon, albacore tuna, halibut and other fish in the Pacific Ocean. The Columbia River bar can be very dangerous, so use ample caution.
Thanks and hats off to Jack Levin for sending us the above Buoy 10 Fishing Report and update.

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How To Catch Salmon At Buoy 10

fishing guides and Salmon fishing at Buoy 10, Columbia river charters Buoy 10 fishing derby are fun because of being able to see all the Charter boats, Astoria fishing guides, charters and fishing charter boats for buoy10. resorts camping and RV parks at Buoy ten The prime time for Buoy 10 Salmon fishing in Astoria Oregon is in August & September. Some spell buoy like bouy so they say bouy 10 Salmon fishing.

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  Buoy 10 Fishing Tips  -  How To Identify Salmon

male chinook salmon

male chinook

female chinook salmon

female chinook

Chinook Salmon: There are small irregular spots on the entire tail and the gums at the base of the teeth are black.

thanks to the Oregon dept. of fish and wildlife for this photo

male coho salmon

male coho

female coho salmon

female coh

Coho Salmon: There are small irregular spots only on the upper half of the tail, and the gums at the base of the teeth are white.  Notice distinct black on tail and back.


male pink salmon

male pink salmon

female pink salmon

female pink salmon

Pink Salmon: There are large oblong spots on the back and the entire tail

fishing guides for Buoy 10

Buoy10 is one of the hottest Salmon fisheries in the world.
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buoy 10 fishing guides and charter boats association

Buoy 10 fishing guides are able to bring you Salmon and Steelhead and Sturgeon limits from this Columbia River fishing hotspot. The action is non-stop for Salmon, Coho, and Silver Salmon and Chinook Salmon throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest but the absolute best fishing is at Buoy10 and during the best times local fishing guides can get limits in just a few hours.

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Tips for Buoy 10 Fishing

First things first - when & where you can fish:   It is common for WDFW & ODFW to open this fishery August 1st & close it near Labor Day, but the closure is very dependant on the projected run, quota set & the actual total catch. The best fishing does not usually start on the opener, but picks up within a week or two, depending on the weather & run size.

There is a agreement between the two states called shared jurisdiction. What this means is that a Washington angler can fish in a BOAT in Oregon waters, & the other way around. You can also launch on either shore & fish, with either license. HOWEVER, you CANNOT bank fish on a shore that you are NOT licensed for.

Washington & now Oregon have fishing regulations in effect on the river as described by the new Oregon regulations. "Each angler aboard a vessel may continue to use angler gear until the daily limit of fish for all legally licensed & juvenile anglers aboard has been achieved. However no individual angler may exceed any personal daily bag limit.

When to fish:  The best time to fish this area would be for on a low slack tide at early morning,  Fish from Buoy 10 at the start of the incoming tide & slide upriver along a rip, as the tide comes in.  Fish from Chinook to the Washington side of Astoria bridge up until & thru the high slack.  You can then mooch back the outgoing tide in 30' of water off the "Church".  For the Oregon boaters, the main shipping channel from buoy 20 up to 29 seem to be productive.

The launch at Illwaco is off the main road into town just after you drop down off the hill, take a left at the sign that says launching ramp. If you miss that, then just go to the stop light, turn left and the frontage road at the dock area, follow it to the eastern end & around the boat basin to the launch on the south east side. There is a nice new two lane ramp, also a sling, & with lots of paved parking.

Bait:  Bait is available at both Illwaco or Chinook thru Ed's bait. The Illwaco location is open at 5:00AM & is on a dock that is close to the launch area. The Chinook location is out of a small grocery store on the west side of the main road north of the launch road. It is the Chinook Country Store, phone 360-777-2248, you can call ahead before closing time which is around 7:30PM & reserve bait for the next day.  There are other bait shops in Chinook, one being on the main road in town, & the other on Portland Street, which is the entrance to the Chinook boat launch.

  The above information was used with the permission LeeRoy Wisner of  www.pugetsoundanglers.org
LeeRoy Wisner had posted several EXTREMELY informative articles on the Puget Sound Anglers website and we strongly recommend visiting that website or
click here to email him directly. As an editor's note I must say that in my lifetime of searching every available resource I have never come across so many helpful and informative articles as those written by LeeRoy Wisner. Thanks again and hats to LeeRoy for giving us permission to post these articles so that you can learn more about fishing and hopefully you catch more fish!